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Labetia Apartments - Petries Evia Greece

The island of Evia is the second largest in Greece and is a fantastic place for holidays throughout the year. There are a huge selection of beautiful resorts and destinations located all over the island, and you can easily find the perfect setting for your relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Labetia Apartments - Petries Evia Greece

Evia is very easy to reach and you can actually drive to the island, crossing the bridge at Chalkida that connects it with the mainland. If you are flying to Greece, then the Athens International Airport is just an hour or so away.

What makes Evia such a great destination for holidays is that it is ideal for visiting any time of the year. In the summer months you can find an excellent choice of beautiful beaches along the coast, while in the spring and autumn you can enjoy trekking and many other outdoor sports.

There are lots of wonderful coastal towns and villages spread around the island. The town of Petries is one such example and is a place of extreme natural beauty and charm.

Located on the eastern side of Evia, Petries is a peaceful and traditional town where you enjoy relaxing holidays, away from the noise and stress of everyday city life. Petries is just over 60km from the capital town of Chalkida. The famous and very beautiful coastal hamlet of Agioi Apostoloi is just 3.5km from Petries, and is the perfect place for a refreshing swim in the hot summer months.

It is here that you will find "Labetia Apartments", where we are delighted to offer you a wonderful selection of comfortable and quality accommodation for your holidays in this unique and highly beautiful part of Evia. We are perfectly positioned to offer you the very best of the magical setting where we are based, where you can enjoy some excellent beaches, as well as a variety of activities. Labetia is the name of the daughter of the Greek Sun God, so the apartments have been built with respect to the natural environment and sparkles of the sunrays.

If you have any questions or need any additional information about our apartments and studios, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help with any questions you might have. We look forward to warmly welcoming you here to Petries in the very near future.

Labetia Apartments - Petries Evia Labetia Apartments - Petries Evia Labetia Apartments - Petries Evia

Labetia Apartments

Agioi Apostoloi, Petries, Evia - Greece
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